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3 New Books by Abbot Oscar Joseph

Beacons of Hope.

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Books Available for Purchase

eBook, Hardback and Paperback

The Joy of Spiritual Freedom Book

The Joy of Spiritual Freedom

No More Doubts | No More Fear

The Joy of Spiritual Freedom is the first of a trilogy that leads and inspires the reader to enter into a joy-filled relationship with a loving God. It is grounded in Biblical wisdom revealing how to remove debilitating doubt and fear. It draws from inspirational letters and case studies that illustrate the Gospel path toward freedom.

Memoirs of a Christian Healer Book

Memoirs of a Christian Healer

Real Life Stories | Genuine Healings

Memoirs of a Christian Healer chronicles the miraculous works of God. You will experience the joy of victory and the sorrow of human weakness. Incorporated within the many stories the Abbot includes reflective lessons on the Healing Ministry. The many stories are of real people and genuine healings.

Listen with the Ear of Your Heart Book

Listen with the Ear of Your Heart

Your Pilgrimage Toward Intimacy with God

God created you to yearn for intimacy with Him. Listen with the Ear of Your Heart presents a dynamic pilgrimage utilizing Scripture, the teachings of the Church Fathers, The Rule of St. Benedict, prayer, meditation and contemplation.

Author & Spiritual Leader

Abbot Oscar Joseph

Abbot Oscar Joseph has been a Christian Counselor and Spiritual Director to hundreds over the past thirty-five years. He has also conducted healing services throughout the East Coast of the United States. He is currently a Bishop and serves as the Abbot General of the Cistercian Order of the Holy Cross.

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I listened with my heart to the Abbot’s straightforward way of exposing the basic truth about how to trust God. I felt a relief at learning the lies we believe about our Lord. The book points out the myths and roadblocks we all create to hinder the path to a life well-lived. He has the reader go on a clear and honest pilgrimage to build a relationship with God, a relationship that makes a difference.

– The Center Coordinator and Assistant Program Director for St. Placid Priory’s Spirituality Center

My Writing Blog

Visit with the Abbot

Moral Reflection

Americans are great church hoppers. If they don’t like a church, they jump out. Americans pretty much hop and jump all the time, whether from a church, a job, or even a marriage.

There is certainly a lot to be said about jumping, but let me focus on just one thought.

Sometimes we hop out because we haven’t given enough forethought as to where we jump. Then once in, it didn’t look like what we wanted.

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The Rule of St. Benedict, Conversion, Stability, Obedience

A while back, Kathleen, my wife, and I drove through Cleveland, OH. For us, Cleveland is a BIG scary city. So here we were, on the expressway driving 60 miles per hour. There were three lanes of traffic, and everyone was moving faster than us. All of a sudden, the road split into three ways. Kathleen said, “turn right,” Garmin said, “ turn left.” Oh my, what do I do? I stayed in the middle and got lost!

Life is confusing.  Which way do I turn? I have to decide quickly. So I have a choice, fight, flight, or freeze. None of them seem quite right…

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If you do not have a rule of life, life will rule you.

Life is undoubtedly difficult. Often we can feel alone and dismayed. It seems that the world and often the church does not give us the answers.

Actually, the Christian church does have the answers. The problem is that Sunday services alone are not enough. Many folks believe that one hour with God is a sufficient weekly filling station.  Not true.

Let us remember that Sunday service is primarily for worshiping God, not personal growth…

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