Spiritual Direction

Individual meetings for men only.

Spiritual direction consists of individual meetings to aid in spiritual growth. Meet one time per month via video or in person. The program is specifically designed for the individual’s personal needs with a Christian denominational background. (For men only)

++Abbot Oscar Joseph, OCCO has extensive training and experience in Spiritual Direction.

Who better to offer Spiritual Direction than an ordained/consecrated contemplative monk with 40 years of experience with doctorates in Christian Counseling and Scripture?

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction goes beyond and is NOT interested in denominational limits.

Spiritual Direction is concerned with helping a person directly with his/her relationship with God. The underlying question is, “Who is God for me, and who am I for Him?”

Abbot Oscar Joseph, OCCO will help you to address God directly and to listen to what God has to communicate. The focus of this kind of direction is the relationship itself between God and the person. The person is helped not so much to understand the relationship better but to engage in it, to enter into dialogue with God. Spiritual direction of this kind focuses on what happens when a person listens to and responds to a self-communicating God.

We define Spiritual Direction as help given by a director that enables a person to pay attention to God’s personal communication and to respond to this personally communicating God, to grow in intimacy with this God, and live out the consequences of the relationship within their family and extended communities. The focus of this type of direction is on experience, not ideas, but specifically on religious experience.

Abbot Oscar Joseph, OCCO is most interested in what happens when a person consciously puts himself into the presence of God. Abbot Oscar Joseph, OCCO is interested in the events that mold your life, particularly what advances or blocks your prayer life and intimate relationship with God.

A Southern Baptist Pastor said:

This Abbot will challenge your presuppositions, correct your false thinking, and guide you into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. This seasoned counselor and ministry leader, with the skill of a surgeon, probes, and cuts away at the malady of your heart, enabling you to experience God’s healing grace.

A Catholic and the Center Coordinator and Assistant Program Director for St. Placid Priory’s Spirituality Center said:

I listened with my heart to the Abbot’s straightforward way of exposing the basic truth about how to trust God. I felt relief at learning the lies we believe about our Lord. The Abbot points out the myths and roadblocks we all create to hinder the path to a life well lived. He has the directee go on a clear and honest pilgrimage to build a relationship with God, a relationship that makes a difference.

A Moravian, Single Mother & Optician said:

I found areas I need to trust God more. I loved the analogy of God giving us one mouth and two ears: speak less and listen more. We need to remember to give Him the time of listening.

Cistercian monk/priest said:

Spiritual Direction is for every Christian who seeks an honest and intimate relationship with God. Drawn from decades of experience in education, ministry, and counseling, the Abbot gives the tools required to remove the obstacles to a spiritual union with God.

An Anglican Bishop said:

God provides opportunities to deepen our relationships with Him throughout our lives. The Abbot speaks with a wisdom gained through much experience in helping others on their spiritual pilgrimage.

An Assemblies of God, Mother of 3 & Volunteer Administrative Director said:

Abbot Oscar Joseph takes you on an amazing journey of discovering the trust and intimacy that you can have in a loving and compassionate God. The Abbot exposes subtle lies that eventually erode your foundational trust in God. He then walks you through your pilgrimage to true intimacy.

A Christian Counselor said:

I frequently ask myself, “Is what I am doing effective?” If you are seeking to have a more effective life, you will find Abbot Oscar Joseph to be most helpful.

A member of an Independent Contemporary Church, Single Mother & Teaching Assistant said:

I am reminded that each one of us is on a unique journey, not by ourselves, but with our Creator. It’s not about living a perfect life but living it day by day with a God whose grace can redeem us from any mistake or sorrow, can bring us back to life and can restore us to beauty again.

A Methodist Couple said:

We are so grateful for the wisdom, knowledge, inspiration and guidance that the Abbot provides for this journey which leads by God’s grace and forgiveness, to an ultimate destination of personal growth, peace and eternal life.

Methodist, Medical Professional said:

The Abbot develops the pilgrim into a better listener consequently able to grow in trust toward God. So like Joseph and Mary, graced by God, we may be able to go beyond what we thought was hardly possible.