Listen With the Ear of Your Heart:

Your Pilgrimage Toward Intimacy With God

by Abbot Oscar Joseph, O.C.C.O.

Listen with the Ear of Your Heart captures the joy and interior peace available to everyone. It transcends denominational differences. Regardless of where you are or what you think about yourself, God is pursuing you and is already present to you.

God created you to yearn for intimacy with Him. Yet few know the road to such intimacy. Listen with the Ear of Your Heart presents a dynamic pilgrimage utilizing Scripture, the teachings of the Church Fathers, The Rule of St. Benedict, prayer, meditation, and contemplation.

The Pilgrimage begins by helping you to release your fears born from the lies and misconceptions that have been rooted in you from infancy. You can listen to God in a down-to-earth sustainable prayer life that is immune to the heretic nature of our culture and the stress of daily life.

The book concludes with aids on creating a life structure that will enable you to walk in, with, and through Him. Everything becomes prayer.

Abbot Oscar Joseph shares some of his captivating life experiences which make Listen with the Ear of Your Heart a life-changing experience.

This book will challenge your presuppositions, correct your false thinking, and guide you into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. This seasoned counselor and ministry leader, with the skill of a surgeon, probes, and cuts away at the malady of your heart, enabling you to experience God’s healing grace. – Southern Baptist Pastor

When reading through the stories in this book I am reminded that each one of us is on a unique journey, not by ourselves, but with our Creator. It’s not about living a perfect life but living it day by day with a God whose grace can redeem us from any mistake or sorrow, can bring us back to life, and can restore us to beauty again. – Independent Contemporary Church, Single Mother, Teaching Assistant