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This letter might sound a little political so hang in there. I am also illustrating the spiritual law of “you reap what you sow” that law was given by God so that should we do even a little thing, we might get something back. The longer you wait for your reward, the bigger it will be.

Most of our political and social unrest is a product of wanting something that belongs to someone else or was never ours to have in the first place.

For example, I want a college education but can’t afford it. So I want you to pay for it.  I don’t have any money, so I want you to pay my way in life.

I don’t want to sow, but I still want to reap.

If there is no sowing, there will be no reap. Doing that long enough will force someone else to give you what you do not deserve. That is coveting. That is Scriptural.

 Don’t be confused. I am not speaking about disabled persons or those genuinely unable to sow, and neither is Scripture. Scripture is strong on the community serving the poor and disabled. I am talking about intentionally and willfully coveting what belongs to others.



The Sin of Covetousness

by Kathleen, Marion Scholar

The Garden of Eve narrative is one of my favorites. It gives insight into the genesis of humanity’s sin-caused problems. It seems to me that many of our current issues worldwide are due to the sin of covetousness. Since Eve coveted the fruit of the tree, that God forbade her to eat this sin has been with us. Admiring the fruit was allowed; all of God’s creation deserves admiration. Eve’s downfall was allowing herself to desire what did not belong to her, then stealing it and lying about it.

Adam participated in the sin by partaking in the forbidden, coveted fruit then avoiding responsibility. Unrepentant, the two were then separated from God’s Immediate Grace. The evil and discord this produced are with us today, thousands of generations later. Governmental systems worldwide have coveted control of what does not belong to them: faith in and worship of God.

Queen Jezebel is a biblical example of this. Before her life, Satan coveted the worship due to God and was thrown out of heaven. Christian leaders have been known to covet the spiritual earnings of another’s ministry. Covetous individuals from all generations have desired the wages of others so that they do not have to work to obtain what they need or want. Some covet other people’s spouses or property. Many kinds of evil (theft, violence, addiction, etc.) result when covetous people desire, steal and lie.

Through the Grace of God, Mary helps us to live differently. She shows us how to want only what God wants for us. Coming into contact with Mary’s purity will help us all to come closer to Christ, in Whom all actual needs are eternally met.


From The Joy of Spiritual Freedom p. 19, 20

“Satan causes Eve to doubt by questioning God’s Word. Satan is the source of doubt. Through doubt Satan tries to devour Christians (1Pet. 5:8). Worldly systems such as philosophies and governments sometimes cause doubt because they have their own set of values and objectives, which are in opposition to God (1 Cor. 2:6). Worldly wisdom stands in direct opposition to the wisdom of God taught by the Holy Spirit (1 Cor.2:13; 1 Tim. 6:20). Spiritual immaturity, double-mindedness, and instability (James 1:8) cause doubt. “Children” in faith are easily deceived (Eph. 4:14). Doubt needs to be confessed as sin. “Whatsoever is not of faith is sin” (Rom. 14:23). “But without faith it is impossible to please Him; for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him” (Heb. 11:6). The sin is unbelief in God and His Word. We will be troubled with doubt until we are assured of our salvation (2 Cor. 13:5; Heb. 6:1–9). It may be necessary to receive further instruction on the meaning of salvation. We may need to be instructed in the continued study of the Word (Rom. 10:17; 1 Tim. 4:13, 16; 2 Tim. 3:16; Tit. 2:1, 10). The following letter gives evidence that the surest way to face doubts when they come is to have an extensive past history of answered prayers.”

There is a lot of material in the above quote. Please read it carefully. Make a list of each topic that causes doubt and then a list of each topic to avoid doubt. Basically, everything around us is designed to make us doubt God. The resolution is for us to be mature and really know him, and have an active life with Him as the center.


From Memoirs of a Divine Healer p. 16

“God had graced every prayer.”

That is a fact. God does grace every moment that we come to Him. Almost always, I ask the person to tell me of their prayer experience. I do that because I know in advance that they had an experience and that it would be encouraging to express it. That may not always be the case for you. So be wise in your asking.


From Listen with the Ear of Your Heart p. 15

“Imagine if your home operated like a domestic church where you pray together with your wife and family who also participate in a local mission.”

That is a challenging statement. But imagine how wonderful it would be if your home was also Christ-centered.

Abbot Oscar Joseph
Abbot Oscar Joseph

Abbot Oscar Joseph has been a Christian Counselor and Spiritual Director to hundreds over the past thirty-five years. He has also conducted healing services throughout the East Coast of the United States. He is currently a Bishop and serves as the Abbot General of the Cistercian Order of the Holy Cross.

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